Wheels of Inspiration

May 2012

Another spring in the Pacific Northwest. The procession of blossoms has begun. The sun tries really hard to burn through the clouds and when it does, it is no longer the cold light of winter, but actual warmth. I, again, find myself wanting to climb out in the slump of inactivity. Do I try to run again? To Do I build my confidence to return to the pool? The world outside beckons: the country roads, the flowers, the sun. A bike. A bike is what I need. Will I ride it? Can I overcome my fear of cars? Do I need a special bike to bear my weight? My 5-year-old needs a bike with training wheels. The whole balance bike thing did not work for him and now he is too large for a trike. My husband wants a new bike for his trek from the parking lot to his job. I envision our family, all on bikes, tooling around the neighborhood; riding through the campground where we will be spending our summer vacation; going on errands which also take a little to long to walk, but seem too close to drive; the three of us actively enjoying time together.

I envision myself becoming healthier and stronger, letting go of the fear the doctors instilled in me about cracking my head open (I am on Coumadin and head injuries can be deadly, so they tell me). That’s what bicycle helmets are for, right? So, I may look a little dorky, who cares if I am having fun and enjoying life. Who cares if I am a fat chick on a bike, I am moving, breathing, and free.

I envision myself becoming more spiritually fit. Pedaling can be a prayer and meditation. I will be inspired by the sights, sounds, and smells of the world outside my window; being a participant in life’s journey and using these experiences to create, document, communicate.

So we go look at bikes and a couple different shops. Two shops recommended the same bike, a basic hybrid, a Raleigh Detour. I take it for a ride. I think it is the most comfortable bike I have ever been on (mind you, its been over 15 years since I last sat on any thing other that a stationary bike). So I buy the bike. It’s nothing too fancy because who knows if I will actually ride the thing and I hadn’t discovered the whole Dutch bike movement yet.

But I do ride the bike. I ride it almost every day at least around a long block with my son. Going the post office becomes a joyous adventure. Exercise has become a side effect of a trip to the library. I want to share the joy. I want to connect with others. I have tried to blog before but had no central focus. I was all over the place with recovery, chronic illness, motherhood, and writing. Now I have something that ties it together. Riding a bike fills me spiritually, emotionally, physically, and creatively. Riding motivates and inspires me to write and writing motivates and inspires me to ride.



4 thoughts on “Wheels of Inspiration

  1. Awesome! I just got on a bike again for the first time since our honeymoon (12 years) and it did feel really good. I’ve got 3 of my 4 kids riding now, it’s awesome. I like your writing style too 🙂

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