Exploring the Neighborhood

Ride Log 060812

Family Ride
 I forgot to take a picture. I need to get more habitualized if I am going to do this right. Rain postponed my planned ride while Ike was at school. Instead, I researched bike baskets and vetoed the one I originally had my eye on. Then, I cleaned the kitchen. I picked up Ike and we hit the bike shop to check out what they had in the way of baskets and to get a price estimate on fenders and racks for both my and my husband’s bikes. Also, checked out a Trail-a-Bike, which Ike was very interested in.

The sun was out by this time and I gave Josh, my DH, a call to see if he wanted to go on a family bike ride when he got home from work. With a definite affirmative, I saw hope that I would actually get on my bike today. Ike was raring to go as well and, as soon as he saw Josh pull into the driveway, he grabbed his sneakers. We got out the door in fairly good time for us and away we went: Josh on his new stealth black Raleigh Misceo, Ike on his recycled and slightly rusty-red Next Rocket with training wheels, and I on my new sleek silver Raleigh Detour 3.5. Josh and I kept herding Ike to the right side and would switch off lead. I favored being mama duck, but I needed to give Josh a turn or two at speeding ahead. We rode through our rural neighborhood toward the library but it was closed. So, we rode over to the primary school’s empty parking lot and made circles and figure eights; a very nice way to spend a Friday evening.

Later, after dinner
The neighbor kids were riding scooters and bikes in the street, so Ike wanted to get out his bike again. I thought I might as well ride around as well. We took a jaunt around the long block: three bikes and scooter ridden by two 5-year-olds (one on the scooter), a 7-year-old, and a 46-year-old. There were a couple of minor crashes, but no one injured and no tears. I enjoyed getting the extra ride not to mention the opportunity to snap a picture. I am looking forward to the long Northwest summer evenings full of children playing in the streets and after dinner bike rides.


Ike & his bike


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