To the Library

Ride Log 061012 

Soon, I write some longer posts. I have a list of various topics ranging from gear to memories. I still need to finish my About page and my opening post and figure out my Categories and Tags. But for now, I am riding. I could spend the time writing about riding or I can actually hop on the bike. I choose the latter. A rainy day will come soon enough and I will be able to flush out the other stuff.

Today, Ike and I took a ride down to the Library. He is becoming so much more confidant and steady on his bike (and so am I), but I am a little freaked about riding into the parking lot as there is not much a safe shoulder or path. This bothers me even when we are on foot. After returning books and picking out a movie, we went over to the primary school again and tooled around the empty lot. Ike practiced going up ramps and off curbs. I did some figure 8s and tried to take some pictures. I can’t wait to get my basket so I don’t have to shove my phone in my pocket so it is accessible or, even better, I can carry my other camera. (Choosing a basket is fodder for a future post.)

There is really no better way to enjoy these beautiful spring days. Biking makes the simplest errand an adventure.



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