To the Post Office

Ride Log 061112

We ventured a little farther today, Ike and I. I took him all the way to the post office and discovered it may actually be an easier ride than to the library, a little more flat. I rode behind him shouting encouragement and reminders to stay to the right. His little legs were pedaling the whole time. We didn’t even stop when we arrived, just put the letter in the drive up box and headed back home. Soon we will be able to hit the grocery store together and maybe we will be able to accomplish all our local errands by bike.

I was a little dressed up for this voyage. Something about the sunny weather and riding a bike make me want to don a skirt. I love biking in skirts and really don’t see what the big deal is. They are so much more comfortable than jeans and leggings deal with the modesty issue. I want to fill my closet with A-lines. I also put my new Danskos to the test and they seemed to fit the pedals better than my sneakers. I used my toes more to pedal and the soles were not as slippery. I actually need to upgrade my pedals; the Avenir Comfort Platform pedals are just too slick when wet and that won’t fly in the northwest.



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