Graduation Party

Ride Log 061212

Just a quick ride today, and we were late. I was thinking of skipping the post but I am not sure I will be able to ride at all tomorrow at all and want to keep the momentum. The party was at Ike’s former preschool. We took him out a few months ago for reasons I may post about later, but we were invited for this final gathering and Ike wanted to attend. It was our usual route to the library and then down the path to the primary school. Ike gets a big kick about locking up the bikes (that would have made a good picture).

The kids had a snack and cupcakes then played for a while outside. I checked in with the other moms about summer plans and kindergarten choices. Then, there was a closing circle and “diplomas” were handed out. We made our goodbyes and wishes for a good summer and got back on our bikes. Some of Isaac’s former teachers were outside and they cheered him on while we rode away.

Ike is doing so much better on the hills, but gets a little tuckered out. I am feeling in need of a longer ride.



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