Riding Solo

Ride Log 061512

After two days off the bike, I got to go it alone. I had a year-end meeting at the school and Ike was staying home with grandma. While getting dressed I realized that a boyfriend sweater is one of the best accessories for riding in our weather. It keeps my arms warm and my backside covered and my arms covered and my backside warm. Wish I had a few more summer weight in other colors.

I left Ike with my mother and hopped on the bike in my trusty sweater and jeans with no fear if exposure. It was a beautiful cool, sunny morning. After the meeting, I went the long way home and stopped at the post office. What a difference to actually pedal instead of just coast behind Ike; I actually worked up a sweat. Was hoping to go out for a second ride with Ike, but our time was filled with other stuff.



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