Morning Meeting

Ride Log 061612

Left the boys sleeping and took a quick ride to the hall. Nice way to wake up, pedaling throughout he gray morning then connecting with others about recovery. Talked about obsession, fear of failure, and perfection. Willingness to change is different from wanting to change; it is possible to be willing without really wanting. Grateful for the tools today. Took the long way home and would have stayed out longer if I wasn’t hungry for breakfast.



2 thoughts on “Morning Meeting

  1. Dana, I concur that “willingness to change is different from wanting to change.” Something I need to ponder in the areas of my life where change is wanting. Great blog. Love the name, love the bike and the basket, love the skirt and the danskos. Dear cousin, you “go girl”. And, with love, I say, don’t let “obsession, fear of failure, or perfection” get in the way of sharing your many wonderful gifts, especially your beautiful gift of writing. I love you. Lauri

    • Thank you Lauri for your loving comments. Those critical voices can be difficult to quiet but, today, I am seeking progress not perfection. Love you.

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