The Right Pair of Shoes

Ride Log 061912
Ike and I took a quick ride to the library to pick up books I had on hold. We had to get into town for my Coumidan appointment (a quick finger prick) and Ike’s Theater Camp. We only had about 40 minutes to complete the errand and Ike handled the rush better than a Los Angeles freeway. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about how poorly his rain boots would perform for pedaling until we were making our way up our first slight slope. They were a bit slippery and cumbersome. Even so, he did great. We made it home just in time and it was so much nicer than just stopping in the car on the way to town.
I am definitely dressing better since I started trying to bike every day. Well, at least I am getting dressed. There have been too many stay-at-home days where I just stayed in the yoga pants and T-shirt I slept in. And now, I am choosing my outfits with the focus of what I can ride in. The baggy drawstrings don’t cut it (nice for walking, but not riding unless I tame the excess around my ankles), but cute skirts and my favorite pair of skinny jeans do. So odd to say I wear skinny jeans since I am leagues away from skinny, but I’m not gonna mess with the nomenclature. I am also reverting to some styles from my past. I have always loved menswear and men’s shoes. When I was fourteen, I sported white button-downs and narrow ties, and mens’ flannel pants have always graced my closet. I recently picked up a pair of brown wing tips from the Goodwill. The are about a half-size took large, but I am probably going to add some insoles. I have tried some of the oxfords out there made for women including styles from Frye, Bass, and Born, but they were all kind of narrow and made my feet look too small. Yeah, I was down with the chunky shoe trend. I love how my wingtips look with my jeans and the beloved boyfriend sweater makes the outfit. And the price was about 5% of the price of the cheapest pair of those girlie shoes.



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