Ride Log 062912

So you can see I lost momentum. I was trying to write the logs on the same day as the ride as a low-pressure way of regular posting. But, life got busy with other projects and events and I barely had time to ride let alone write about it. So here I am, trying to catch up.

The library has become the primary biking destination, especially as our local holds amazing kid events. Last Friday was Boffer Club. We have been anticipating this event for the past month because the kids were going to make their own foam swords. I knew it was going to be crowded and had every intention of arriving early. But, the gods conspired and there were interruptions in my planned flow of the day such as needing to go jump-start my mother’s car and making lunch. At ten minutes ‘til, we were racing to find our shoes and hop on our bikes. We hurried down the road as fast as a 5-year old can pedal.

It was a warm day and the conference room was packed with boys of all ages, a smattering of girls, a fairly equal number of dads and moms who needed to stay with the under 9 set plus a few who just wanted to hang out. There was a scent of sweaty impatience and fear of not having enough. It was just the right setting for a meltdown. But, something about riding the bikes there helped me remain calm and Ike held it pretty together as well. We waited for our materials and then instructions and were able to use the duck tape of choice (black with yellow flames for the “blade” and red for the hilt). It seemed to take forever but when we were done, there was still over an hour left to spar and battle. Ike made a new friend; I chatted with the mom. Both boys were made King for a mock battle. Ike was having a blast and I felt so relaxed, no gnawing urge to get somewhere. The world just seems to slow down a little when travelling by bike.


4 thoughts on “Late

  1. Hey another one in the family! I have been a bike nut all my life, only interrupted by brief, (30 year) spells of family responsibilities and working. Now I own two bikes. Still riding my old Schwinn on the Coyote Creek path, and I have a new (to me) Day6 semi recumbent for around the house. I carry the Schwinn in the back of the car with my camelback water bottle and my helmet, (required for the Coyote Creek path). I rode it yesterday the 3rd 5 miles up and 5 miles back from Morgan Hill starting point. Saw a bobcat. Bobcat so used to people and bikes it just moved out of the way, but did not run. Kind of like the feral cats we have around here! Rode the Day6 down to San Juan Bautista today, (the 4th), 20 minutes into town and 50 minutes back. Uphill is a little tougher 🙂
    You guys keep riding. Maybe next time you’re here instead of tractoring we’ll go down to Morgan Hill and ride the path!

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