Knights of Veritas

Ride Log 070312

Have I mentioned I love our library?…and that I am a bit of a geek. The summer programming for kids is so awesome. Tuesday night, there was a demonstration of actual medieval sword fighting, not Hollywood Errol Flynn or LOTR, but how knights really fought. Knights of Veritas “is a non-profit organization specializing in interactive educational demonstrations of medieval arms, armour, combat, knighthood and chivalry.” They go around to schools and libraries and thrill kids with the martial arts of knights, metal suits, and long swords. Ike was a bit antsy until they put in the armour; he was impatient to try a helm and hold the sword. It was worth the wait and he  has been talking about it ever since.

We took our bikes, of course, even though the demonstration was after dinner. Thanks to long northwest twilights, true night does not fall until 10 p.m. or so.


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