I planned on editing and flushing out these last two ride logs while weekending on San Juan Island, but the time never presented itself. I am now all caught up and will once again attempt to post on the same day of the ride. At least then, I will have a better excuse for my brevity.

Ride Log 070512 

Tonight, I was able to get out of the house solo for a bit to go to a meeting. On the way (the long way), I stopped at the library to pick up a book they had on hold for me (WordPress for Dummies; I still have quite a few tweaks to make to this site and may be moving to self-hosted soon). The evening was warm and the ride was quick; I don’t think a car would have been any faster. I made it to the meeting on time and received a warm welcome. It felt so good to be there. The topic was eleventh step stuff but shifted to Gratitude. I have been feeling extremely grateful this last week and acknowledging the abundance in my life: clean water, running water, hot water, a full fridge, a roof over my head, clothes, love, recovery, a bicycle, beauty all around me. This is a wonderful way to live.


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