Bike on the Roof

Ride Log 071212

I am not very inspired to write this evening but I went on a short ride this afternoon, finally, and I do not want to get behind again last week.I was on a writer’s high there for a moment and have ideas for posts, but nothing I want to flesh out now. I am using the logs as there are meant to be used, as a device to get me to show up at the page. So here I am, writing the words.

Around the corner from our house, there is a bike on a roof. I didn’t believe Ike when he first spotted it; thought it was his silly humor. Was it was just stored up there to be out-of-the-way or so it would not get stolen.? Day after day, it never moved, rain or shine. I have been meaning to take a picture of it, but kept forgetting until I had already gone past and landed at home. Today I remembered before just passing it by. There was a women in front of the house and for a moment, introvert that I am, I felt like we should just keep going. But instead I asked her about it. Turns out they found it while doing a landscaping job and had left it outside one day. When they came home it was up on the roof. Someone had played a gag on them and they never brought the bike back down. Ike thought it was silly to have a bike on a roof. It looks like a nice bike, too bad no one is riding it.

That it is today’s story, just a bike on a roof, a conversation with a neighbor, a silly picture. What absurdities have you noticed today?


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