I Love a Parade

(I have decided to change the naming convention for the Ride Logs so they have more meaningful title, the date will now be the subhead)

Ride Log 071412b

It turned out to be a beautiful day after the storm. We always seem to have sunny weather for Hadlock Days. The parade started at 1:00 p.m. and Ike and I decided to ride our bikes down. Grandma drove her car as she wasn’t up for walking  (otherwise we all would have) and she doesn’t have a bike. We met at the post office to park and lock up our bikes. It was the ideal place. We were a little late, but we still caught some floats and fire trucks, and Ike was able to gather plenty of candy. We walked to the festivities and checked out the bouncy castle, but it was hot so we decided to go home to play in the sprinklers. As we were walking back to the post office, Josh called and our plans changed to a trip to the beach so Josh could free-dive for some crab. Ike was tired so he wanted to ride home in grandma’s car. We were putting his bike in the back when Josh rode up and he and I were able to have our first ride alone together.

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