My name’s Dana and I’m rediscovering bike riding.

Motivated by son’s venture in to 2-wheeling (well, actually 4- with training wheels) and the northwest spring, I have returned to the saddle after 15+ years. I am also a recovering addict of many substances, in remission from Crohn’s Disease, an osteomate, a wanna-be writer, and an older mom (son was born when I was 40). I have started a couple of blogs (myunmangeablelife.blogspot.com, bellyscars.com), but never could settle on a focus nor find a common theme. Am I a mom blogger, a voice of recovery, a woman of size seeking style, an ostomy advocate with Crohn’s? Well yes. But, basically, I am seeking motivation to write. While pedaling around on my new bicycle, I have discovered the vehicle to bring me to the page. I feel this new journey on wheels will fill my basket with inspiration, which will in turn, keep me pedaling.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Dana. I wanted to say “me too” to the above…finding a writing identity is tricky, tricky, tricky. For now, I’m just enjoying the discipline of writing something everyday. I also have a bike, and reading your blog has made me hope I’ll ride it one day…

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