Summer Sunday

Ride Log 081212

We started the day with gluten-free buckwheat waffles, one wheat-less recipe that my whole family enjoys. If interested, the recipe can be found here. I use honey instead of agave and add a little extra. I have used walnut oil and grapeseed oil with good results and have added a touch a cardamom. I skip the sunflower seeds They are yummy with homemade preserves and a drizzle of yogurt.

Since we went to the county fair the previous night and Josh wanted to start welding our bike rack so we can take our bikes on our Oregon Coast vacation in a couple of weeks, no big family outing was planned. We decided on our default Sunday outing and rode down to the Farmers’ Market. Josh took Ike on the Trail-a-Bike while a I trailed behind at a slower pace. We didn’t plant a garden this year, so we needed to stock up on summer greens. We also scored a bunch of cheap apricots from the corner farm stand to make jam.

We stayed just long enough to hydrate and try some black currant italian ice (made from local black currants, yum! so refreshing) then started back along the highway with my basket and Josh’s backpack full. For some reason, the trip seemed longer this time. I suppose I was just hot. I finally reached the turn and the wonderful long slope down and was enjoying the wind and the speed so much I almost forgot to be scared of possibly needing to brake fast and flying over my handlebars.

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Farmers’ Market

Ride Log 070112
(still catching up)

I have been wanting to widen my usual cycling circle beyond the library so, last Sunday, we finally ventured to our local farmers market. It has been a goal ride and something I would like to do every weekend for the season.

Riding a bike has a way of making an errand an adventure. Trips to the farmers market have always been a pleasant outing, but rarely do we linger for an extended period of time. I think our usual duration is about a half-hour; we pick up what we need, then drive home or do some other errands. This past visit was different.

Josh hitched up the Trail-a-Bike as the distance and traffic would be a bit too much for Ike. On the way there, we took back streets as long as we could before riding on the busier road. I followed behind, way behind as I am a slower rider and wanted to enjoy the journey. At the market, we made our purchases and, realizing it was about lunch time, decided to eat some yummy barbecue there. There were a few children decorating the willow arbors with Rainier cherries (I assume rejects) and wildflowers and invited Ike to help them. This made for an incredibly sweet scene as they draped cherries and ran into the field to collect flowers. Again, I felt this great calm and patience. All was how it should be. I felt no rush to be elsewhere. Then, when it was the right moment, we hopped on our bikes and headed for home along the highway, a much busier road than the busy road we tried to avoid on the way to the market, but it has a much wider bike lane and a nice hill to coast down at the turn off.

It was the longest ride I have taken so far and I felt exhilarated after. I want that ride to feel as easy as going to the library and to maybe even pull the Trail-a-Bike myself. I will need to feel stronger and less fearful before that happens though. I am gaining more confidance with each ride and I know that it anything is possible with perserverence and practice. There was a time I would just sabotage, give up, not try to move out of my comfort zone, but today I am trying to expand it.