Lights, Camera, Action

After a week of no biking, a staccato of short trips. I am going to break with format and enter them all in one post.

Ride Log 082212, Wednesday
We had a brief period of time after lunch and before swim lessons to make our way to the library. Ike was very excited to try out his new bike helmet that had arrived the previous day. His old helmet was obviously way too small and I wanted to be sure he had one that fit correctly before our trip to the Oregon Coast. After looking at Bell, Nutcase, and Giro, he picked the Giro Kid’s Rascal Bike Helmet in black with red flames. I think the flashing LEDs was the big selling factor, though Ike does like to stop and fiddle with them a little more than I would like.

The ride to the library is barely is ride is we are going straight there and back and especially when I ride behind the boy. It is slow going and barely pedaling, but we are out enjoying the neighborhood and get to stop for blackberries along the way.

Ride Log 082312, Thursday

I had to do some work in the morning, but I promised Ike that we would go out later and have some fun. He chose a bike ride, new helmet again being the motivating factor, and that made me very pleased. After not riding for a week, it was good to get out two days in a row. We circuited our favorite loop and then took a longer route home to stop at a favorite blackberry bush. They were much riper than our last visit and tasted like pie. I put a few handfuls in my basket to enjoy later while Ike stained his face and hands purple.

Ride Log 082512, Saturday
Just a quick ride to a meeting. We discussed the allergy of addiction and spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery. I feel so in action today. It was a great start to a busy day of packing. Tomorrow, we are off to stay in a yurt on the Oregon Coast for a week. Josh made a great bike rack to carry three bikes plus the tagalong. Lists need to be made and food and supplies all need to be gathered and loaded. So much to do, so this will be kept short. Catch you on the flip-side.



Ride Log 080412

Another hot day. The boys were on the boat again to check the crab pots. I thought I would take a quick ride down to the library to make some returns and pick up items on hold. I was just making my way downstairs when Ike burst into the house announcing their arrival. Apparently, our friend that had gone out with them had to make a quick return as there was chance his wife was going into labor (it was a false alarm, thankfully, as it would have been a little too early). I informed the boys of my intended ride and asked if they would like to accompany me. Their answer was affirmative but it was necessary to wait a few minutes so they could take care of a few things.

It was getting hotter my the minute and my quick trip was turning into a bit on an excursion. Finally, we all got out the door and made our way down to the library. It is nice to have two adults to herd Ike as we make our way down our road. Grandma drove past and informed us that the library was having a book sale. I was planning on just picking up my books and heading back but Josh and Ike settled in and started looking at books together. I found a few more books and the stack started to grow. While the boys were occupied, I went to check out the sale. I wasn’t planning to purchase anything but then started finding things with pricing that was hard to resist: books for Isaac, a book I have been planning to read, art and photography books, free books, etc. I could have walked out with more, but I was considering the limitations of my basket. I don’t have a rear rack yet and we did not bring a backpack. I returned to the children’s section with a bigger pile than anticipated. Josh decided he wanted to look at the sale so Ike and I began our journey home without him. It was hot, my basket was full, Isaac was hungry.

For the last two blocks, he decided he would rather walk, so we dismounted and spent some extra time in the heat. Finally home, we gulped ice water and anticipated our crab dinner.


I planned on editing and flushing out these last two ride logs while weekending on San Juan Island, but the time never presented itself. I am now all caught up and will once again attempt to post on the same day of the ride. At least then, I will have a better excuse for my brevity.

Ride Log 070512 

Tonight, I was able to get out of the house solo for a bit to go to a meeting. On the way (the long way), I stopped at the library to pick up a book they had on hold for me (WordPress for Dummies; I still have quite a few tweaks to make to this site and may be moving to self-hosted soon). The evening was warm and the ride was quick; I don’t think a car would have been any faster. I made it to the meeting on time and received a warm welcome. It felt so good to be there. The topic was eleventh step stuff but shifted to Gratitude. I have been feeling extremely grateful this last week and acknowledging the abundance in my life: clean water, running water, hot water, a full fridge, a roof over my head, clothes, love, recovery, a bicycle, beauty all around me. This is a wonderful way to live.

Favorite Errand

Ride Log 062512

I had a big plan of taking a long solo ride today. My son was in day camp at the Y and a had a nice chunk of time to myself. Unfortunately, I whittled away my time doing this and that…good things, things that needed to be done but I didn’t get on the bike.

I picked up Ike from Pirate Camp and remembered that, instead of stopping by the library on the way home to sign up for the summer reading program, we could just go home, grab the bikes, and ride down. The sun wasn’t shining as bright and a few rain drops fell as we pulled up to the library, but it was nothing ominous.

Have I mentioned how much I love that we can ride bikes to the library. I always thought driving there was ridiculous, but walking added too much time or something…or it just not very fun? Now it is a favorite errand.

Ike signed up for the program, found some books, did a craft. Then we hopped on our bikes and took the long way home.


To the Library

Ride Log 061012 

Soon, I write some longer posts. I have a list of various topics ranging from gear to memories. I still need to finish my About page and my opening post and figure out my Categories and Tags. But for now, I am riding. I could spend the time writing about riding or I can actually hop on the bike. I choose the latter. A rainy day will come soon enough and I will be able to flush out the other stuff.

Today, Ike and I took a ride down to the Library. He is becoming so much more confidant and steady on his bike (and so am I), but I am a little freaked about riding into the parking lot as there is not much a safe shoulder or path. This bothers me even when we are on foot. After returning books and picking out a movie, we went over to the primary school again and tooled around the empty lot. Ike practiced going up ramps and off curbs. I did some figure 8s and tried to take some pictures. I can’t wait to get my basket so I don’t have to shove my phone in my pocket so it is accessible or, even better, I can carry my other camera. (Choosing a basket is fodder for a future post.)

There is really no better way to enjoy these beautiful spring days. Biking makes the simplest errand an adventure.